Men and women enjoy a sunny day on the sand at Higgs Beach in Key West, Florida. (January 4, 2019)

Joel Carillet/Getty

Higgs Beach

Key West

This artificial beach, located at the southern end of Reynolds St, has barbecue grills, picnic tables and a long pier, where you can go out and watch the sunset. The sands get crowded. Go early in the day to stake out a good spot.

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1. South Beach

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This small sandy beach is a pleasant spot for a dip. A restaurant sits on the edge of the sands, and rents out lounge chairs and umbrellas. South Beach is…

3. Southernmost Point


The most-photographed spot on the island, this red-and-black buoy isn’t even the southernmost point in the USA (that’s in the off-limits naval base around…

4. Key West Cemetery

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A darkly alluring Gothic labyrinth beckons at the center of this pastel town. Built in 1847, the cemetery crowns Solares Hill, the highest point on the…

5. Key West Lighthouse

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6. Hemingway House

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Key West’s biggest darling, Ernest Hemingway, lived in this gorgeous Spanish Colonial house from 1931 to 1940. Papa moved here in his early 1930s with his…

7. Key West Distilling

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This tiny craft distiller, basically a one-man operation, creates some excellent rums, two types of vodka (including one with horseradish), one gin and…

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