Africa in Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida.

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Walt Disney World

Board a jeep and ride through the African Savannah on Kilimanjaro Safaris, pausing to look at zebras, lions, giraffes and more, all seemingly roaming free. This is one of the Animal Kingdom's most popular attractions, so come early or use your FastPass+.

The Festival of the Lion King, a Lion King–themed song and dance performance, earns rave reviews, but we were underwhelmed.

The Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail passes gorillas, hippos, a great bat display and a hive of naked mole rats – nothing more than you'd find in any zoo, but those mole rats sure are cute.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Discovery Island

0.16 MILES

The only attraction here is the Bugs' Life–themed It's Tough to Be a Bug!, a 4D movie that includes periods of darkness, dry ice and flashing lights…

2. Oasis

0.27 MILES

Oasis is the first themed section of Animal Kingdom. It has cool critters, including a giant anteater, but it's best to move along to other attractions…

3. Asia

0.27 MILES

Home to two of Animal Kingdom's three most popular rides: Expedition Everest, a great roller coaster with a yeti twist, and Kali River Rapids, a water…

4. Dinoland

0.32 MILES

This bizarre dinosaur-themed section seems more like a tired carnival than Disney Magic, with garish plastic dinosaurs, midway games and 'Trilo-Bite'…

5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

0.33 MILES

Set apart from the rest of Disney both in miles and in tone, Animal Kingdom attempts to blend theme park and zoo, carnival and African safari, all stirred…

6. Rafiki's Planet Watch


Veterinarians care for sick and injured animals at the Conservation Station. You can check out pet sheep and goats at Affection Section. On the Habitat…

7. Blizzard Beach

1.16 MILES

The newer of Disney's two water parks, themed as a melted Swiss ski resort complete with a ski lift, Blizzard Beach is the 1980s Vegas Strip hotel to…

8. Sunset Boulevard

1.92 MILES

The simple and sweet outdoor theater performance of Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage follows the storyline, incorporates the classic songs, and doesn…