Ariel Tramway

Estes Park

In the time you wait to be herded aboard a tram to the top of Prospect Mountain, you could have climbed Lily Mountain on your own two feet, but the tram is a good option for those with modest ambitions or special needs who still want the view.

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Nearby Estes Park attractions

1. Bond Park


This public park is centrally located and has a few picnic tables.

2. Estes Park Museum

1.01 MILES

This ambitious community museum has a commendable rotation of exhibits on local culture. It’s not only corny Ice Age mannequins either – you can also sit…

3. MacGregor Ranch Museum

1.73 MILES

In 1872 Alexander and Clara MacGregor arrived in Estes Park and settled beside Black Canyon Creek near Lumpy Ridge. Their granddaughter Muriel MacGregor…

4. Moraine Park Discovery Center

3.35 MILES

Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1923 and once the park’s proud visitors lodge, this building has been renovated in recent years to host…

5. Enos Mills Cabin Museum & Gallery

6.28 MILES

Naturalist Enos Mills (1870–1922) led the struggle to establish Rocky Mountain National Park. His infectious enthusiasm and passion for nature lived on…

6. Rocky Mountain National Park

6.57 MILES

On top of the world, this mighty national park is home to loads of wild animals, plenty of great backwoods hiking and top scenic drives that are choked…

7. Kauffman House Museum

17.65 MILES

The Ezra Kauffman House is an 1892 log building that operated as a hotel until 1946. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, it contains period…

8. Holzwarth Historic Site

17.69 MILES

When Prohibition was enacted in 1916, John Holzwarth Sr, a Denver saloonkeeper, started a new life as a subsistence rancher. This site houses several…