Four Seasons


Russian-born artist Marc Chagall loved Chicago, and in 1974 he donated this grand mosaic to the city. Using thousands of bits of glass and stone, the artist portrayed six scenes of the city in hues reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast of France, where he kept his studio. Chagall continued to make adjustments, such as updating the skyline, after the work arrived in Chicago.

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1. Marquette Building


The architects behind the 1896 Marquette Building made natural light and ventilation vital components. The most impressive features, however, are the…

2. Sullivan Center

0.11 MILES

Louis Sullivan designed this ornate building in 1899. For a century it was home to the Carson Pirie Scott & Co department store. Check out the superb…

3. Miró's Chicago

0.13 MILES

Joan Miró’s 1981 work The Sun, the Moon and One Star, known now as Miró’s Chicago, sits across the street from Daley Plaza. Miró hoped to evoke the …

4. Reliance Building

0.14 MILES

With its 16 stories of shimmering glass, framed by brilliant white terra-cotta details, Burnham & Root's 1895 Reliance Building is a breath of fresh air…

5. Daley Plaza

0.16 MILES

Picasso's eye-popping untitled sculpture marks the heart of Daley Plaza, which is the place to be come lunchtime, particularly when the weather warms up…

6. Picasso's Untitled

0.17 MILES

Pablo Picasso's abstract work, which everyone just calls 'the Picasso,' is the granddaddy of Chicago's public art. The artist was 82 when the work was…

7. Flamingo

0.17 MILES

Alexander Calder’s soaring red-pink sculpture provides some much-needed relief from the stark facades of the federal buildings around it. Calder dedicated…

8. Rookery

0.19 MILES

The famed firm of Burnham and Root built the Rookery – named for the site's previous building, a temporary city hall that was popular with roosting…