Dead of the Dead Art at Mexican Heritage Museum.

National Museum of Mexican Art

Top choice in Chicago

Founded in 1982, this vibrant museum – the largest Latinx arts institution in the US – has become one of the city’s best. The vivid permanent collection sums up 1000 years of Mexican art and culture through classical paintings, shining gold altars, skeleton-rich folk art, beadwork and much more.

The turbulent politics and revolutionary leaders of Mexican history are well represented, including works about Cesar Chavez and Emiliano Zapata. Don't miss the psychedelic 'semen-acrylic' painting (that's, um, bodily fluids mixed with pigments). The museum also sponsors readings by top authors and performances by musicians and artists. October and November are busy months with lots of festive programs for Day of the Dead. The on-site store is a winner, with brightly painted Mexican crafts filling the shelves.

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