National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture


The museum fills the old horse stables in Humboldt Park. It's worth a stroll inside to see what free art and cultural exhibits are showing. These might include paintings by Afro Caribbean artists or vintage posters from Puerto Rico's early days as a US territory.

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1. Formal Garden

0.09 MILES

The Formal Garden sits in Humboldt Park's southern expanse, near where Humboldt Dr and Luis Munoz Marin Dr intersect. It's rich with jelly-bean-colored…

2. Humboldt Park

0.21 MILES

This 207-acre park, which lends its name to the surrounding neighborhood, comes out of nowhere and gobsmacks you with Mother Nature. A lagoon brushed by…

3. Humboldt Park Boathouse

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The 1907 Prairie School boathouse rises up from the lagoon’s edge and serves as the park’s showpiece. A cafe inside serves beyond-the-norm sandwiches and…

4. Puerto Rican Flag Sculpture

0.26 MILES

This 45-ton, steel sculpture marks the western end of the Paseo Boricua, aka Puerto Rican Promenade. It has a twin a half mile east at Artesian Ave.

5. Paseo Boricua

0.76 MILES

The Paseo Boricua, aka Puerto Rican Promenade, is a half-mile-long stretch of Division St where many Puerto Rican shops and restaurants do business. It’s…

6. Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

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