Rose Garden

Los Angeles

This stately garden in front of the California Science Center opened to the public in 1928 and today displays 145 varieties of plants.

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1. California Science Center

0.06 MILES

Top billing at the Science Center goes to the Space Shuttle Endeavour, one of only four space shuttles nationwide, but there's plenty else to see at this…

2. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

0.16 MILES

Dinos to diamonds, bears to beetles, hissing roaches to African elephants – this museum will take you around the world and back, through millions of years…

3. California African American Museum

0.17 MILES

CAAM does an excellent job of showcasing African-American artists and the African-American experience, with a special focus on California and LA. Exhibits…

4. USC Fisher Museum of Art

0.18 MILES

The university's art museum presents changing selections from its ever-expanding collection of American landscapes, British portraits, French Barbizon…

5. University of Southern California

0.22 MILES

George Lucas, John Wayne and Neil Armstrong are among the famous alumni of this well-respected private university, founded in 1880, just north of…

6. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

0.23 MILES

Built in 1923, this grand stadium hosted the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympic Games, the 1959 baseball World Series and two Super Bowls, is the temporary home…

7. One Archives


One Archives houses the world's largest LGBT library. Its roots are in One, the first homophile magazine published in the US (1953–67), and the 30,000…

8. Dunbar Hotel

1.83 MILES

The Dunbar was a luxury hotel built in 1928 in this predominantly African-American neighborhood, at a time when segregation barred African-Americans from…