Hayden Tract

Los Angeles

Architecture fans gravitate to the block where Eric Owen Moss has turned a worn-out industrial compound into a hub of avant-garde architecture. Start with the Samitaur Tower on the corner of National and Hayden, a rusted-steel-and-glass tower that recalls a disjointed rocket. Beside it, at 3530 Hayden, the Stealth building transforms its form from triangular to rectangular as it shoots south. Directly behind it stands the gob-smacking Pterodactylm, where offices tumble down over a parking garage like building blocks.

To the right of the Pterodactylm, the IRS building looks like it's melting, while back on Hayden itself, the twisting, grid-like Vespertine tower at 3599 Hayden Ave drew its original inspiration from a square pile of note paper. The tower is home to an exclusive, fine-dining restaurant. For more information on all of Hayden Tract's buildings, check out the website.

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