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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a different perspective on academia. MIT has a proud history of pushing the boundaries, from its innovative architecture and oddball art to its cutting-edge technology and playful pranks. Campus tours depart from the MIT Information Center.

Of all the eye-catching buildings on the MIT campus, none has received more attention than the Ray & Maria Stata Center, an avant-garde edifice that was designed by architectural legend Frank Gehry. Other worthwhile stops on campus include the MIT Museum and the List Visual Arts Center. You can also pick up or download a map of MIT’s fantastic collection of public art.

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1. Ray & Maria Stata Center

0.28 MILES

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2. MIT Museum


Only the mischief-makers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) would come up with the kind of quirky stuff that's on display here. An exhibit on…

3. List Visual Arts Center


The stated goal of the List Center is to explore the boundaries of artistic inquiry – to use art to ask questions, not only about aesthetics, but also…

4. Citgo Sign


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5. Charles River Esplanade

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6. Fenway Park

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7. Mugar Memorial Library

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8. Back Bay Fens

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