Sibley Mill

Top choice historic building in Augusta

The fact that this historic building is closed to the public won't stop you from curiously approaching if you see it in the distance. The massive textile mill, completed in 1882, features a striking, ornate and eclectic architectural style evoking neo-Gothic and seemingly out of place in Augusta.

In front is the original obelisk chimney of the Confederate Powder Works, which predated the mill and was the only permanent edifice constructed by the Confederate States of America. It was the largest supplier of gunpowder for Confederate troops during the Civil War and was in operation until 1865. Get your Instagram ready: standout photogenic highlights include towering turrets, the chimney itself and the cast-iron coat of arms of the Sibley family emblazoned with the Latin saying esse quam videri (to be, rather than just seem). The mill is slated to be turned into a new cybersecurity and technology center.