Providence Canyon

Canyon in South Georgia

Image by Robert Downie / EyeEm Getty Images

Only 30 minutes from Columbus sits Georgia’s 'Little Grand Canyon.' This 1003-acre state park is something to behold. Otherworldly formations include gullies as deep as 150ft, with beautiful layers of orange, red, purple and pink sediment. Visitors can explore via a variety of hikes, including an easy rim trail with spectacular views over the canyon, plus a 1-mile canyon-floor trail, and longer 3-mile and 7-mile canyon-floor trails.

Evidence suggests this area was once the bottom of the sea, when this part of Georgia was covered by the Coastal Plain. The canyon we see today formed due to mass erosion over the years, as a result of bad farming practices. Now, it's a natural wonder. Keep your eyes peeled for the local residents: armadillos, deer, raccoons and butterflies. Hikers can stay overnight at basic campgrounds inside the canyon; book in advance at the visitor center. The closest is the Pioneer Camping site ($40 per night), and the furthest is the Primitive Camping site ($10 per night): neither have water facilities. There's a small exhibition at the visitor center, you can also buy drinks and get free information and hiking maps of the local area here. Bring bug spray and sunscreen in the warmer months. Parking areas around the rim of the canyon have picnic facilities and restrooms.