Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary

Forest in North Kona Coast

Above 3000ft on the slopes of Mt Hualalai, the Kaloko Mauka subdivision is the home of this spectacular 70-acre sanctuary. It's not just any forest – a cloud forest is a moist woodland where mist and fog are constants. The sanctuary is a lush haven for native plants and birds, and thanks to a consistent carpet of gray-green fog, it always feels as mysterious as it is beautiful. Visits are by guided tour only; contact KapohoKine Adventures or Hawaiian Walkways to organize one.

The forest also contains demonstration gardens of non-native species, including more than 100 varieties of bamboo, which local experts study for their viability for use. Sustainable-agriculture types and horticulturists won’t want to miss a visit to this well-kept Kona secret most locals don’t even know about.