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Hiking and snorkeling are the big to-dos. Trails wind by petroglyphs and sugar-mill ruins, and several drop out on to beaches prime for swimming with turtles and spotted eagle rays.

Two towns bookend the island: Cruz Bay, the ferry landing and main village that hosts a hell of a happy hour; and Coral Bay at the east end, the sleepy domain of folks who want to feel like they're living on a frontier.

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Beautiful Coastal Sightseeing Tour of Barbados

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Barbados Garrison, Bridgetown, Saint Michael Parish, BarbadosThe Garrison Historic Area From 1655 large fleets of British ships and soldiers were visiting and Barbados making it there base of operation. In the early years there were no barracks for them or provisions, the care and expense of the officers fell in the hands of Barbadians themselves. After repeated visits this became quite burdensome especially considering it was at a time when the island was quite impoverished. The legislature of Barbados was moved to petition the British government for a permanent garrison to be built on the island. It was not until 1780 that it was finally decided by the British Government to station a permanent garrison on the island. It was eventually decided that the Garrisons should be built near Charles Fort and St Anne’s Castle. 16 acres were purchased in 1789 and construction began by the early 19th century most of the buildings had been completed and had grown to cover 64 acres. The Garrison in Barbados is in fact the largest in the Caribbean.Many of the buildings were constructed of London brick brought out as ballast in ships which returned with sugar. Some 60 of the original buildings are still in existence today. The Savannah of itself was a very rocky area where many crabs lived. It had to be filled in and leveled for the troops to practice on. It was also the birthplace of cricket in Barbados and today serves as the islands racetrack.On November 30th 1966 Barbados was led into Independence by the then Premier Errol Walton Barrow, officially celebrating the achievement of nationhood as a sovereign and independent state within the CommonwealthDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Enterprise (Miami) Beach, Oistins, Christ Church Parish, BarbadosMiami Beach, Barbados, near the town of Oistins, is a popular sandy beach in Barbados. It is located on the south coast of the island, with usually calm waters and brilliant sunset views. On its north side is Enterprise Beach, a much more sheltered bay popular with families.Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Foul Bay, Saint Philip Parish, BarbadosSome say the name “Foul Bay” was given to this beautiful beach because up to the mid-1950s fishermen used to sell their catch on Foul Bay Beach. The fish was de-scaled and gutted on the spot. The smell was foul, hence the name. Others say Foul Bay it is an adaptation of the original name Fowl Bay which itself originated from the large number of migrating birds that once nested in a swamp located in the area.Foul Bay was the location where the famous Harp Gun was off loaded from a ship and then transported to its location at Paragon. Train tracks were laid to aid in transporting the gunDuration: 15 minutesStop At: Bathsheba Beach, Bathsheba, Saint Joseph Parish, BarbadosBathsheba is located on the Eastern coastline of Barbados. It is said that this area was named after the wife of King David whose name was “Bathsheba”. Legend has it that she bathed in milk to keep her skin beautiful and soft, and the rolling surf waters of Bathsheba’s “Soup Bowl” resembled Bathsheba’s bath. The area is popular with surfers. It is a popular area for locals and visitors alike and is dotted with several seaside cottages.Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Codrington College, Saint John Parish, BarbadosChristopher Codrington III (1668-1710), was the son the Governor General of the Leeward Islands. He spent most of his boyhood at Consetts, the site of the present College. Christopher Codrington III went to England where studied at Oxford University. He served in the Army for sometime before returning to the Leeward Islands to succeed his father as Governor General. His policy of helping the poor whites and slaves brought him into disfavor of the plantocracy. Consequently, he gave up the position of Governor and retired at Consetts in St John. Christopher Codrington III, died on Good Friday 1710. In his will he had left to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel the estates at Society and Consetts. One of his instructions was that his finances were to be used to fund a number of professors who were to teach medicine, surgery and divinity. Codrington's desire to Christianize the slaves was rejected by the Barbadian plantocracy, who opposed teaching the slaves how to read and write. It was only in 1790 when the anti-slavery movement in England exerted pressure on the Anglican Church and the SPG that this began to change. The construction of the College got under way in 1715. Economic depression, drought and other difficulties having caused further delays, the College was officially opened in 1745 The College served to prepare young Barbadians for entry into the two Universities in England - Oxford and Cambridge. Later on the College began to offer tertiary education, and was affiliated to the University of Durham It was in 1830 that the College began training candidates exclusively for ordination. The college has been damaged by hurricanes and fires that left only the walls of some buildings standing. It has closed repaired and reopened several times throughout the years.Today Codington College offers strictly theological studies. Duration: 25 minutesStop At: St. John's Parish Church, Saint John Parish, BarbadosAccording to the Anglican tradition, worship has been conducted on this spot since 1645. The first building, a wooden structure, was destroyed by fire in 1676 and replaced by a stone structure. Following the hurricanes of 1780 and 1831, the current building was constructed in 1836.Fernando Paleologus,a former church warden and planter was buried under the choir when he died in 1670. He was buried with his head pointing to the west and the body embedded in quicklime in accordance with the Greek Orthodox custom. Following the hurricane of 1831 his tomb was moved to the churchyard. Paleologus was a descendent of the brother of the great Emperor Constantine XI He fled to Barbados after his family was driven from the throne of Constantinople by the TurksDuration: 25 minutesStop At: Animal Flower Cave, Saint Lucy Parish, BarbadosWe visit North Point Barbados for the great views and a great Lunch at the Cave Restaurant. The Animal Flower Cave is also located at North Point But the entrance fees to the cave are not included in this tour the lunch however is. Dutring the Months of Dec to April Humpback whales migrate through the Caribbean. North Point is one of the popular viewing sights. Duration: 1 hourPass By: Speightstown PierThe town was at one point called Little Bristol because of it's trading links with Bristol England Larger ships always sailed into Speightstown because they could not get into Bridgetown until the deepwater harbor was constructed. They would load their cargo on to smaller ships that would then deliver to Bridgetown.Sprightstown is also the port that many slaves in the triangular slave trade first sailed into. Arlington House now serves as a museum but was once a make shift clinic for slaves who often arrived on the island ill due to the horrid conditions they endured on the Atlantic crossingJust North of Speightstown is Almond Hotel. This was once the Heywood’s sugar Plantation and was one of the locations used in the filming of the Tamarind Seed with Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif. Another was the old Paradise Hotel Pass By: Holetown Beach, Holetown, Saint James Parish, BarbadosHoletown is the site of the first British settlement on the island. On May the 14th 1626 Captain John Powell was the first Englishman to encounter Barbados. He along with his crew was in fact on their way from Brazil when the trade winds blew their ship the "Olive Blossom" into Barbados. On arrival to the Island, The Captain sent some men to the shore. They wrote the words James K of E on a tree and named the area James's town (Jamestown). Today Jamestown is called Holetown because the river outlet in the area reminded them of an area called "The Hole" in the Thames River in England.It was said that the first institution the English established in a new colony was a drinking house. The Spaniards and Church and the Dutch a fort. In Holetown there are two historic ChurchesPass By: Lord Nelson StatueAdmiral Nelson Statue In 1803 war broke out with the French and Spanish siding together against Britain. Admiral Nelson was seen as a savior at this time. After a dramatic announcement of the Trafalgar victory and news of his death reached the island A bronze statue of Nelson was erected in the area then renamed Trafalgar square. This statue is older than the one of Nelson in Trafalgar square in the UK Pass By: Glory Tours, Bridgetown, Saint Michael Parish, BarbadosTour Operator

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Caneel Bay Kayak, Hike, and Snorkel with Sea Turtles

Meet your professional nature guide at Caneel Bay Resort’s Honeymoon Beach for a full safety briefing before taking to the sapphire-blue waters! Once you receive paddling and snorkeling instructions along with your lifejacket, hop on your kayak for a thrilling paddle around the bay teeming with colorful tropical fish. With Virgin Islands National Park as your backdrop, marvel at the coral reef – home to an abundance of marine life. Next, explore five of St John’s best beaches on a hike across white sand, shaded by sea grape trees, coconut palms and tropical forests. You'll journey through the picturesque forest trails of Turtle Point, home to more than 800 native species of plants, while your informative guide points out local flora and fauna along the way. Enjoy stunning views above the rocky outcrops looking toward Hawksnest Bay and the Durloe Cays, an area known for dolphin sightings, and keep an eye out for the wild donkeys, mongoose and white-tailed deer that frequent the area.Then, snorkel a fringing coral reef in the shallow, clear waters as your guide points out the many different types of coral in this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. While snorkeling in a bed of sea grass, don’t be surprised if you come face to face with a sea turtle or stingray! After your tour, return to Honeymoon Beach at Caneel Bay Resort.Please note: The activities on this tour will be adapted to your preferences and athletic ability.Option 1:If you select the 3-hour option, choose from a morning or afternoon departure, including beverages and snacks.Option 2:If you select the 5-hour option, you’ll depart in the morning and enjoy a complimentary picnic lunch from a local deli.

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Beach Day Pass at Honeymoon Beach in St John

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productHoneymoon Beach is a serene and iconic beach at Caneel Bay. Flanked by two coral reefs, the water is calm and an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and relaxing. Duration: 1 dayLocation: Virgin Island Eco Tours - Honeymoon Beach Day Pass, Caneel Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

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Henley Cay Adventure Tour in St John

Whether you’re an experienced kayaker and snorkeler, or you’re just getting your feet wet, enjoy the challenge of paddling across Caneel Bay to Henley Cay! Meet your guide at Honeymoon Beach for a full safety briefing, including paddling and snorkeling instruction. Then put on your lifejacket and hop on your kayak for an exciting paddle across the tropical bay. When you reach Henley Cay, a tranquil and uninhabited cay within Virgin Islands National Park, gaze in wonder at the fantastic coral reef teeming with colorful schools of fish. Relax on the sandy, protected beach, which is fringed on both sides by the reef, where snorkelers will discover an impressive array of colorful corals – including brain, pillar, sheet, star and even the endangered elkhorn and staghorn coral. Watch an abundance of seabirds and take in the scenic view of Caneel Bay and Honeymoon Beach. After your tour, return to Honeymoon Beach at Caneel Bay Resort. Option 1: If you select the 3-hour option, you'll depart at 10am Option 2: If you select the 5-hour option, you’ll depart in the morning and enjoy a complimentary lunch.

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St John, Cinnamon Bay Beach, VI National Park From St Thomas

In an open-air water taxi, designed for optimal viewing potential, you will take the picturesque trip from St Thomas to St John and the Virgin Islands National Park. The ferry ride over is worth the trip!Your personal guide will take you on a wonderful island tour of several historical sites in St John and the Virgin Islands National Park. After sightseeing there will be beach time at either Cinnamon Bay or Trunk Bay. Relax on the warm white sands of your St John beach and take in the glorious views of turquoise water and lush, green mountains. After beach time the tour will continue on to Cruz Bay for some duty-free shopping. Once shopping is complete you will enjoy the trip back to St Thomas.

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Boat, Tube, Turtle, and Snorkel Adventures

BoardingGuests can Choose to meet us at our Marina, Schedule a taxi pickup, Schedule us to drive you to the location, or chose to be picked up at the cruise ship dock if applicable.  The Excursion Once aboard painless guest will get a saftey briefing before departure.  Gusts can chose from snorkeling beautiful reefs in St John, sightseeing, touring abandoned structures while learning the history of the Virgin Islands, hunting for lobster, fishing, swimming with turtles, feeding hundreds of fish around you at once, snorkeling shipwrecks,  island hopping, skurfing, a rapid fun inner tube ride on one or more of our vast selection of inflatable tubes and much more! Included.  Complementary full service bar, snacks, and gear is also provided with every trip. End of Day Guests are returned to their boarding destination. Gas fee and Gratuity are due at the end of the trip.