Tomb of Nnamasole Kanyange


The Buganda royal tombs are located 4km from the Wamala tombs. Though it offers little to visitors, you can arrange a guided visit at Kasubi Tombs.

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1. Wamala Tombs

1.97 MILES

A low-key Buganda royal site, Wamala Tombs is 11km north of Kasub. Arrange a guided visit at Kasubi Tombs.

2. Kasubi Tombs

3.66 MILES

The Unesco World Heritage–listed Kasubi Tombs are of great significance to the Buganda kingdom as the burial place of its kings and royal family. The huge…

3. Makerere Art Gallery

4.46 MILES

Small, but definitely worth a visit, with fascinating monthly exhibitions; check the website for events. There are also some cool sculptures on the…

4. Uganda Art Gallery

4.64 MILES

Just down from Namirembe Cathedral, this small-scale gallery sells quality paintings by local artists at affordable prices.

5. Namirembe Cathedral

4.73 MILES

This huge domed Anglican cathedral, finished in 1919, has a distinct Mediterranean feel. In years past the congregation was called to worship by the…

6. Uganda Museum

4.93 MILES

There’s plenty to interest you here with a varied and well-captioned ethnographic collection covering clothing, hunting, agriculture, medicine, religion…

7. Bulange Royal Building

4.97 MILES

A great place to learn about the history and culture of the Buganda Kingdom; guided tours take you inside the parliament building, providing interesting…

8. National Mosque

5.09 MILES

One of Kampala's premier sights, the prominent National Mosque (widely known as the Gadaffi Mosque) was begun by Idi Amin in 1972 but only completed in…