Makam Cami

Eastern Mediterranean

The main building of the Makam Cami (Official Mosque) was built in 1857, with a minaret added 10 years later. The older foundations to the north are thought to contain the tomb of the Prophet Daniel.

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1. Ulu Cami

0.05 MILES

The Ulu Cami (Great Mosque), which was built at the end of the 16th century, sports a curious 19th-century minaret moonlighting as a clock tower.

2. Kırkkașık Bedesteni

0.05 MILES

This old marketplace, whose name means `40 Spoons Bazaar' in Turkish, was built in 1597 and has also served as a soup kitchen, medrese (religious seminary…

3. Prophet Daniel's Tomb

0.06 MILES

The remains of the Prophet Daniel are believed to be buried deep within the foundations of the older part of the present-day Makam Cami.

4. Tarsus Historical Houses

0.07 MILES

In the neighbourhoods of Şehitkerim, Sofular and Kızılmurat you'll come across some lovely examples of historical Tarsus houses, one of which is now the…

5. Eski Cami

0.11 MILES

Southeast of the Old City are several historical mosques that have played other roles, including the Old Mosque, a medieval structure that was originally…

6. Roman Bath

0.13 MILES

A large arched wall, 3m thick, in the Old City is all that remains of a big Roman baths complex built in the 2nd century AD.

7. Church of St Paul

0.15 MILES

South of the Old City, what is also called the St Paul Memorial Museum (St Paul Anıt Müzesi) was originally built in 1850 as a Greek Orthodox church to…

8. Old Town

0.17 MILES

The compact Old City lies between Adana Bulvarı and Hal Caddesi. It includes a wonderful 60m-long stretch of Roman road and a labyrinth of alleyways…