Bandırma Vapuru

Black Sea Coast

The ferry that brought Atatürk to Samsun in 1919 is now moored in 'National Struggle Park', converted into a museum full of waxwork figures.

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1. Samsun Kent Müsesi

1.71 MILES

In a pair of historical wooden houses, this extensive museum appealingly lays out Samsun's commerce, history and culture with an audio guide and booklet…

2. Tütün İskele

1.98 MILES

In May 1919, when Turkey was under the essential control of post WWI allied powers, Atatürk was dispatched by steamer to Samsun to quell a minor uprising…

3. Archaeology & Ethnography Museum


At the time of research, Samsun's foremost museum was closed pending long-term reconstruction and extension. Its most striking attraction is a huge Romano…

4. Samsun Panorama

2.06 MILES

The is impressive new centre offers multi-sensory 15 minute 'shows' that run hourly on the hour, painting an emotional more than academic narrative of the…

5. Gazi Museum

2.18 MILES

This turn-of-the-20th-century house is celebrated for hosting Atatürk for a week in the late 1920s. It lovingly preserves the great man's picnic hamper,…

6. Amisos Tepesi

3.92 MILES

For extensive views down between conifers onto a sweep of coastline, take the five-minute cable-car ride from Batıpark to this hilltop with its twin…

7. Batıpark

4.14 MILES

A popular family strolling spot north of central Samsun, this seaside park is most notable for the cable-car ride to Amisos Tepesi and for the so-called …