Lake District

The very ruinous remnants of Adada, with its toppled masonry strewn across overgrown meadows and into the surrounding forest, has a still visible agora and Trajan's temple. The Roman road here is part of the St Paul Trail. The ruins are about 12km north, up a winding mountain road, from the village of Sütçüler.

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Nearby Lake District attractions

1. Lake Kovada National Park

7.27 MILES

Surrounding a small lake connected to Lake Eğirdir by a channel, this national park is good for hiking, picnicking and flora, especially at the nearby…

2. Yazılı Canyon Nature Park


Deep in the Taurus Mountains, roughly 65km south of Eğirdir, this forested gorge separates the Lake District (ancient Pisidia) and the Antalya region …

3. Zından Cave

17.2 MILES

Roughly 30km southeast of Eğirdir, and about 1km north of Aksu by a Roman bridge, you'll find the entrance to the kilometre-long Zından Mağarası, which…

4. Pınar Pazarı

17.73 MILES

On Sundays between August and October, you can buy apples, cheese, yoghurt or even a goat at this village market run by the Yörük Turks, who descend from…

5. Mt Davraz

18.86 MILES

Davraz Dağı (2653m), rising between three lakes, has great skiing from mid-December to March. A day-long section of the St Paul Trail leads between here…

6. Hızır Bey Cami

22.02 MILES

Originally a Seljuk warehouse (built 1237), this simple stone structure in the centre became a mosque in 1308 under Hamidoğulları emir Hızır Bey. It…

7. Dündar Bey Medresesi

22.05 MILES

In 1281 Hamidoğulları emir Felekeddin Dündar Bey turned this grand stone structure in the centre – then a 67-year-old Seljuk caravanserai – into a medrese…

8. Atatürk Statue

22.07 MILES

Eğirdir stretches for several kilometres along the shore of Eğirdir Gölü. Its centre is at the base of a promontory jutting into the lake, marked by this…