Turquoise Coast

About 350m of ancient Selge's city wall still exists, but its most striking monument is its huge theatre, restored in the 3rd century AD. Close by is the agora. As you wander through the village and its ruins, consider that Selge once counted a population of more than 20,000. Today the site is unexcavated and largely overgrown.

Because of the city's elevated position, its walls and surrounding ravines, approaching undetected wasn't a simple task and Selge was able to ward off most invaders. Nevertheless, the Romans eventually took hold of the territory, which survived into the Byzantine era.

At the foot of the ascent from the Köprü River to Selge, you'll discover two Roman-era bridges. The first (and smaller) is the Bürüm Bridge and the second, the dramatically arched Oluk Bridge, spanning 14m across a deep canyon of the ancient Eurymedon (now Köprü) River. It has been in service since the Romans put it here in the 2nd century AD.

The villagers sometimes block the road about 1km before Selge (within sight of the theatre) for agricultural reasons. You can park there and continue on foot.

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