Küçüksu Kasrı

The Bosphorus Suburbs

This ornate hunting lodge was built in 1856–57 by order of Sultan Abdül Mecit. Earlier sultans had built wooden kiosks in this idyllic spot where the Bosphorus mets the Göksü Deresi (Creek), but architect Nikoğos Balyan designed a rococo gem in marble for his monarch. You’ll see its ornate cast-iron fence, boat dock and wedding-cake exterior from the ferry. Visits to the furnished interior are enriched by an informative audiotour (included in ticket cost). There's a cafe in a nearby pavilion.

The easiest way to get here is on the Dentur Avraysa hop-on/hop-off ferry from Kabataş. If travelling here by bus, alight at the Küçüksu stop.