Kuğulu Parkı


At the southern end of Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi, Kuğulu Parkı is a leafy oasis with a fountain-spouting pond ringed by cafes and garden beds of pansies. On sunny weekends, it gets crammed with park-goers lazing on the grass.

For travelling families, there's a decent children's playground at the park's northern end though note that the playground surface is concrete.

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1. Kocatepe Cami

1.04 MILES

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2. Confidence Monument

1.31 MILES

Kızılay's Confidence Monument, erected in 1935, is a good landmark to get your bearings by when first arriving in the district.

3. Anıt Kabir Museum


The buildings on one side of the Anıt Kabir plaza (to the right of the tomb) contain an extensive museum dedicated to both the life of Atatürk and Turkey…

4. Anıt Kabir

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7. Painting & Sculpture Museum


The Painting & Sculpture Museum showcases the cream of Turkish artists. Ranging from angular war scenes to society portraits, the pieces demonstrate that…

8. Lion Road

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You enter the Anıt Kabir by the Lion Road, lined along its 262m length leading up to the vast plaza by 24 lion statues. Two squat towers mark the entrance…