Temple of Zeus

Temple in Phrygian Valley

Rural Çavdarhisar (60km southwest of Kütahya) is worth a visit to see Aizanoi, one of Anatolia's best-preserved Roman remains. Its Temple of Zeus, built under Hadrian (r AD 117–138), was dedicated to both the king of the Olympian gods and the Anatolian fertility goddess Cybele.

The temple was founded on a broad terrace (now a meadow). Its north and west faces have intact, double-rowed Ionic and Corinthian columns, while the south and east rows are toppled. The cella (inner room) walls illustrate the imposing original dimensions. Good sculpture finds are exhibited, with some English-language signage. See the cryptlike sanctuary of Cybele beneath.

Çavdarhisar is on the Kütahya–Gediz road. From 11.30am to 7.20pm dolmuşes (minibuses) serve Çavdarhisar from Kütahya otogar (bus station; ₺7, one hour), returning from 8.30am to around 6pm. Buses for Gediz or Emet transit Çavdarhisar.