Hasan Dağı

Mountain in Cappadocia

Hasan Dağı (Mt Hasan), Cappadocia's second-highest mountain, provides a challenging summit-bagging hike. The closest village to the 3268m inactive volcano is Helvadere, about 10km southwest of Ihlara village. From the mountain hut, 8km southwest of Helvadere, it takes eight hours to hike to and from the summit, where the basement of what was once Turkey's highest church remains. There are views of the Ala Dağlar and Bolkar ranges and Tuz Gölü, the country's second-largest salt lake, along the way.

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Helvadere is also the site of the ancient city of Nora, the architecturally unique remains of which can be seen 1km east of the village.