City Museum & Archive


Housed in a fire station built by the British in 1923, this small museum mounts changing displays on İzmir’s history. It is named after Ahmet Piriştina, a former mayor of the city who spearheaded the urban redevelopment of the port and kordon, the construction of İzmir's metro and the creation of many new parks.

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1. Church of St Polycarp

0.16 MILES

Built in the early 17th century, this Catholic church is the oldest still-functioning Christian house of worship in the city. Its survival during the 1922…

2. Şadırvan Mosque

0.26 MILES

Named after the fountains next to it, which are used by the congregation for ritual ablutions, this 1636 mosque has a large central dome and a minaret…

3. St John's Cathedral

0.31 MILES

İzmir retains a number of churches that are still used by the Christian faithful, including this 1874 building on Montro Meydanı that was partly financed…

4. Hisar Mosque

0.31 MILES

Surrounded by popular coffeehouses, this mosque in the Kemeraltı Market is the largest in the city and dates from 1597. The interior is quintessentially…

5. İzmir Museum of History & Art

0.32 MILES

This museum is overlooked by many visitors to the city, who do themselves a great disservice in the process. Spread over three pavilions, it is one of the…

6. Zübeyde Hanım Museum Ship

0.33 MILES

Named after Atatürk’s beloved mother, who died in İzmir in 1923, this 50m-long, 307-tonne ferry was built in 1987 and sailed in İstanbul until early 2014,…

7. Kızlarağası Hanı

0.33 MILES

This restored Ottoman-built bedesten (warehouse) dates from 1744 and is similar to the İç (Inner) Bedesten in İstanbul's famous Grand Bazaar. It's…

8. Havra Sokağı

0.34 MILES

One of Kemeraltı's most interesting pockets, this stretch of produce stalls links the centre of the bazaar with the Agora and the eastern stretch of…