Broken Chimney


Broken brick chimneys like this one are scattered throughout the old Greek quarter, all that remains of the olive-oil factories that have now relocated to the outskirts of town.

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1. Broken Chimney

0.05 MILES

The tapering brick chimneys that are scattered throughout the old Greek quarter are remnants of the olive-oil factories that once operated here. These…

2. Old Town

0.05 MILES

Ayvalık’s old town is a joy to explore. A maze of cobbled streets east of the liman, it is full of market squares, atmospheric cafes, Greek Orthodox…

3. Köy Pazarı

0.07 MILES

On Thursdays, a 'village market' is held in this square next to the main pazar yeri (marketplace), which is also filled with market stalls.

4. Pazar Yeri


This square in the Old Town hosts a popular street market on Thursdays.

5. Atatürk Statue

0.12 MILES

As is the case in almost every town in this region, there is a statue of the great man in the main square.

6. Çınarlı Cami

0.16 MILES

Built in 1790 as the Greek Orthodox church of Ayios Yorgis and converted to a mosque in 1923, this lovely building has three naves and three apses and…

7. Saatlı Camii

0.17 MILES

Originally built as the Ayios Yannis Kilise, this imposing stone building with its ugly freestanding minaret was converted into the Saatli Cami in 1923.

8. Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum

0.23 MILES

This erstwhile Greek Orthodox cathedral, built in 1844 but never used as a place of worship, was completely renovated in 2013 and positively shimmers in…