Must see attractions in Ayvalık

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    Old Town

    Ayvalık’s old town is a joy to explore. A maze of cobbled streets east of the liman, it is full of market squares, atmospheric cafes, Greek Orthodox…

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    Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum

    This erstwhile Greek Orthodox cathedral, built in 1844 but never used as a place of worship, was completely renovated in 2013 and positively shimmers in…

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    Çınarlı Cami

    Built in 1790 as the Greek Orthodox church of Ayios Yorgis and converted to a mosque in 1923, this lovely building has three naves and three apses and…

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    Köy Pazarı

    On Thursdays, a 'village market' is held in this square next to the main pazar yeri (marketplace), which is also filled with market stalls.

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    Broken Chimney

    The tapering brick chimneys that are scattered throughout the old Greek quarter are remnants of the olive-oil factories that once operated here. These…

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    Broken Chimney

    Broken brick chimneys like this one are scattered throughout the old Greek quarter, all that remains of the olive-oil factories that have now relocated to…

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    Saatlı Camii

    Originally built as the Ayios Yannis Kilise, this imposing stone building with its ugly freestanding minaret was converted into the Saatli Cami in 1923.

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    Atatürk Statue

    As is the case in almost every town in this region, there is a statue of the great man in the main square.

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    Pazar Yeri

    This square in the Old Town hosts a popular street market on Thursdays.