Boujaffar Beach


Named somewhat incongruously after a local Muslim holy man, thIs sandy strip of beach is a popular playground where families picnic, beach shacks sell drinks and ice cream, children frolic and foreigners sunbathe. Only a few small parts of the strip are claimed by beachfront hotels – their chaises longues and parasols are usually available to nonguests for a small fee. In sunny weather, the beachfront is packed with people strolling along the waterfront – a wonderful way to pass an evening.

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Nearby Sousse attractions

1. Musée Dar Essid

0.67 MILES

In a quiet part of Sousse's medina, this privately owned museum shows off a beautiful old home, furnished in the style of a well-to-do 19th-century Sousse…

2. Ribat

0.68 MILES

This is the oldest monument in Sousse's medina, built in the final years of the 8th century AD as a fort. It was garrisoned by devout Islamic warriors,…

3. Zaouia Zakkak


The splendid octagonal stone minaret belongs to the 17th-century Zaouia Zakkak, the medina’s leading example of Ottoman architecture. Its blue-green stone…

4. Great Mosque

0.74 MILES

This typically austere Aghlabid affair was built in AD 851. Its architect adapted an earlier kasbah (fort), which explains the mosque’s turrets and…

5. Medina


Added to Unesco's World Heritage List in 1988, Sousse's 9th-century medina is an unusual and important example of Aghlabid military coastal architecture…

6. Kalat El Koubba

0.84 MILES

The rooms surrounding the courtyard of this funduq (caravanserai) contain naff mannequin displays of day-to-day life under the Ottomans. The building is…

7. Souq Er Ribba

0.85 MILES

This souq and its western extension, Souq El Kayed, are the closest Sousse comes to a medieval bazaar. The roof is unmistakably modern, yet the sales…

8. Kasbah


Standing at the high point of the medina, the kasbah was built onto the city walls in the 11th century. It incorporates the imposing square Khalef tower,…