North Holland

On the town's central canal, the Waag (weigh house) was the focal point of local economic life. In 1905 it was given grand Tuscan columns, a common trick of the day designed to make it look much older and more impressive. It's now a touristy restaurant.

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1. Speeltoren

0.02 MILES

Monnickendam's trademark building is the 15th-century Speeltoren, an elegant, Italianate clock tower and former town hall. The tower's 17th-century…

2. In de Bonte Os

0.06 MILES

In de Bonte Os is the only house that's left in its original 17th-century state. In the days before proper glass, the curious vertical shutters at street…

3. Grote Kerk

0.25 MILES

The Gothic Grote Kerk, on the southern outskirts of town, is renowned for its triple nave, tower galleries and a dazzling oak choir screen dating from the…

4. Volendams Museum

2.87 MILES

Local culture is covered at Volendam's history museum with traditional costumes, prints, paintings of harbour scenes and even a cramped ship’s sleeping…

5. Grote Kerk

2.96 MILES

Completed in 1904, Marken's Grote Kerk has a barrel-vaulted ceiling strung with ship models designed to attract grace to local seamen.

6. Marker Museum

2.97 MILES

A row of eel-smoking houses in the Kerkbuurt area have been converted into the Marker Museum, which delves into Marken's history and includes the re…

7. Speeltoren


Leaning over Kleine Kerkstraat about 100m south of Grote Kerk, the Speeltoren is all that remains of the 15th-century Kleine Kerk.

8. Edams Museum

3.73 MILES

Furnishings, porcelain and silverware spread over three cramped floors of Edam's oldest building, dating from 1540. Its floating cellar is a remarkable…