Bijilo Forest Park

Top choice wildlife reserve in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

This small 51-hectare reserve makes for a lovely escape. A series of well-maintained walking trails (ranging from 900m to 1400m) takes you through lush vegetation, gallery forest, low bush and grass, towards the dunes. You'll likely see green vervet, red colobus and patas monkeys – avoid feeding them, as this only encourages them further.

Monitor lizards will likely come and stare you down, too. Birds are best watched on the coastal side. The more than 100 species that have been counted here include several types of bee-eater, grey hornbill, osprey, Caspian tern, francolin and wood dove. It's worth shelling out the extra D50 for a guide, who can give a deeper context to the plant and animal life found here. Get trail information at the park headquarters.