Khao Lammuak

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Marking the southern end of Ao Prachuap Bay, this soaring limestone mountain features prominently in photos of the city. At its rocky summit are a Buddha footprint and fantastic views. However, because of many accidents, the climb, requiring pulling yourself up with ropes at some points, is now only allowed on long holiday weekends.

Dusky langurs live on the mountain and they spend a lot of time down below waiting to be fed; food is for sale. They may seem more polite than Khao Chong Krajok's macaques, but when food is present, they can change character quickly.

About 400m in front of the mountain, three attractive monuments and the Wing 5 Museum commemorate the WWII battle that happened here when the Japanese invaded Prachuap Khiri Khan.

You need to register at the Wing 5 Thai Air Force base entrance, at the end of Th Salacheep, and again at a second checkpoint. Bring your passport in case you're asked. It's 4.3km to the mountain from the entrance; follow the 'Historical Park' signs.

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