Ao Wai

Ko Samet

Ao Wai is a lovely beach far removed from everything else (though in reality it is only 1.5km from Ao Thian).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ko Samet attractions

1. Ao Thian

0.66 MILES

Ao Thian is a delightfully pretty beach punctuated by big boulders that shelter small sandy spots, creating a castaway ambience. It remains one of Samet’s…

2. Ao Wong Deuan

1.09 MILES

Ao Wong Deuan ('Crescent Moon Bay') is Samet's second-busiest beach after Hat Sai Kaew, with a range of resorts and more modest guesthouses. It's a wide,…

3. Southern Tip Viewpoints

1.16 MILES

At the southern end of Ko Samet, the road ends at a national park compound that's more or less abandoned, but with toilets and a small stall selling…

4. Ao Phutsa

1.62 MILES

Cute, sandy Ao Phutsa (Ao Tub Tim), south of Ao Hin Khok and Ao Phai, strikes a good balance between being relatively accessible but generally not too…

5. Ao Phai

1.78 MILES

A short walk west of Ao Hin Khok over a rocky headland, Ao Phai is a pretty bay with some worthy bars and eateries and a backpacker scene.

6. Ao Hin Khok

2.02 MILES

Less frenetic than its northern neighbour Hat Sai Kaew, Ao Hin Khok is a gorgeous bay attracting a younger crowd. Plenty of places to stay, eat and drink.

7. Khao Laem Ya/Mu Ko Samet National Park

2.06 MILES

Along with Ko Samet, Ko Man Klang, Ko Kudee, Ko Man Nok and Ko Man Nai to the west are part of this national park. The official status hasn’t kept away…

8. Ao Prao

2.12 MILES

On the west coast, Ao Prao is one of the island's prettiest beaches. It's secluded but backed by three high-end resorts, so it still gets quite busy and…