Chang Phueak Shrine

Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat)

The wooden pillar at the centre of this small shrine was once used for tying up sacred 'white' elephants that passed though Khorat on their way to be given to the king. The pillar was removed to make way for a new road, and after some workers died locals insisted that it was because the spirits of two white elephants who had died here were disturbed. This shrine, near the site of the original pillar, was built to appease them.

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1. Pratu Phonsaen

0.15 MILES

An ornamental city gate built in the location of the original northern gate.

2. Wat Phayap

0.33 MILES

When the abbot of Wat Phayap learned that blasting for a quarry in Saraburi Province was destroying a beautiful cave, he rescued pieces of it and…

3. San Jao Lak Meuang

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Khorat's city pillar shrine is pretty ordinary, but it has a large Dan Kwian (a nearby pottery village) ceramic mural on the wall beside it. It shows…

4. Wat Phra Narai Maharat

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This large temple is of interest primarily for three holy Khmer sandstone sculptures that were unearthed here – Vishnu (Phra Narai in Thai) is the holiest…

5. Suranari Hall


This little white building is a sort of museum to local heroine Thao Suranari, with a cool diorama and an even cooler sculpted mural of the famous battle…

6. Chumphon Gate

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The city's only original gate left standing. It was a part of the city walls erected in 1656 by French technicians on the orders of King Narai (Ayuthaya)…

7. Thao Suranari Monument

0.48 MILES

Thao Suranari, wife of the assistant governor during Rama III's reign, is something of a Wonder Woman in these parts. Ya Mo (Grandma Mo), as she’s…

8. Wat Boon

0.66 MILES

One of the city's night markets takes place in front of this temple.