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First-time visitors to Pai (ปาย) might wonder if they've strayed into a northern version of a Thai island getaway, only without the beaches. Guesthouses appear to outnumber private residences in the ‘downtown’ area, a travel agency or restaurant is never more than a few steps away, and the nights buzz with the sound of music and partying.

But Pai's popularity has yet to diminish its nearly picture-perfect setting in a mountain valley that offers natural adventures aplenty. And the town's temples and fun afternoon market are a reminder that Pai has not forgotten its transnational status as a town with roots in Myanmar's Shan State, or that it is a crossroads for the ethnic minorities who live in the nearby hills. There’s heaps of quiet accommodation tucked away, lots of activities to keep visitors entertained and a relaxed vibe that tempts some people to stay forever.

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