Wat Puen may have been built in the time or King Narai and its name may refer to the arrow of Rama. There's little left other than the four walls of a wí·hăhn (assembly hall), but it makes a nice photo.

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1. Ban Wichayen

0.05 MILES

This compound, built in European style by King Narai, served as the residence of foreign ambassadors. It got its present name from the mistaken belief…

2. Wat Sao Tong Thong

0.09 MILES

North of the palace, this working temple site is remarkable for its unusual wí·hăhn (assembly hall) with Gothic-style windows and split roof. King Narai…

3. Prang Khaek

0.15 MILES

The oldest monument in Lopburi, this 10th-century trio of brick towers was built by the Khmer, probably for the Hindu god Shiva. King Narai had it rebuilt…

4. Phra Narai Ratchaniwet

0.24 MILES

Plan to spend a few hours at this former royal palace, now the Somdet Phra Narai National Museum, which houses excellent displays of local history. Built…

5. Prang Sam Yot

0.31 MILES

As well known for its resident monkeys as its looming towers, this is Lopburi's most famous attraction. The three linked towers were built from laterite…

6. Wat Indra

0.35 MILES

Just a small, almost totally ruined wí·hăhn (assembly hall).

7. San Phra Kan

0.37 MILES

Lopburi's holiest place sits in the old town's roundabout. It has a modern (1951) shrine in front of a Khmer-era laterite base from a toppled prang (Khmer…

8. Wat Nakhon Kosa

0.42 MILES

Though it's one of Lopburi's minor ruins, it's worth coming to see the base of what was once a huge stupa. It was built in the Dvaravati period, probably…