Anek Kusala Sala


A popular stop for tour groups, this museum contains more than 300 impressive pieces of Chinese artwork, mainly bronze and brass statues depicting historical figures as well as Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist deities. Founded by Sa-nga Kulkobkiat, a Thai national who grew up in China, the museum was intended as a friendship-building project between the two countries.

The 1st floor is a crowded pavilion of Chinese immortals, from Pangu, the cosmic giant, to Guan Yin, the goddess of mercy. The 2nd-floor terrace is the museum’s most dramatic, with larger-than-life-sized statues of Shaolin monks depicting different martial-arts poses. Nearby is a touching collection of daily-life statues (a fortune teller, dressmaker, liquor seller) on which visitors place 1B coins.

The museum is 16km south of central Pattaya; take a Pattaya–Sattahip sŏrng·tăa·ou (25B) to the Wat Yangsangwaram turn-off. Hire a passing motorbike to go the final 5km to the museum. Ask the driver to stick around, as a lift back is hard to find. Private transport costs 1500B.