Municipal Building

Ko Chang & Eastern Seaboard

This fancy building is home to the town's local government.

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Nearby Ko Chang & Eastern Seaboard attractions

1. Sriracha Clock Tower

0.11 MILES

The southern clock tower is a good place to get your bearings. Next to it is the main market; this is also a hub for local transport options. Note there…

2. Surasak Montri Suan

0.63 MILES

Locals fill this well-maintained municipal park every evening to practise yoga, t'ai chi and skateboarding. The park includes a coffee shop, a jogging…

3. Wat Ko Loi

0.72 MILES

This small Thai-Chinese Buddhist temple is on Ko Loi, a small rocky island connected to the mainland by a road at the northern end of Si Racha’s…

4. Ko Loi

0.75 MILES

Attached to the mainland via an 800m road, this rocky island is the ferry point for Ko Si Chang, and is home to an ornate Thai-Chinese temple and a…

5. Phra Chudadhut Palace

7.02 MILES

This former royal palace was used by Rama V (King Chulalongkorn; r 1868–1910) over the summer months, but was abandoned when the French briefly occupied…

6. Wat Tham Yai Phrik

7.65 MILES

This Buddhist monastery is built around several meditation caves running into the island’s central limestone ridge and offers fine views from its hilltop…

7. San Chao Pho Khao Yai

7.75 MILES

The most imposing sight on the island, this ornate dragon-infested temple dates back to the days when Chinese traders anchored in the sheltered waters…

8. Hat Tham Phang

7.79 MILES

On the southwest side, Hat Tham Phang is the only sandy beach on the island and many day trippers make a beeline here (motorbike taxi from the main pier…