Chiang Mai Night Safari

Chiang Mai

This expansive animal park is open day and night, but the real action happens after dark, when you can view all sorts of critters from the back of an open-sided tram. With animal shows and musical fountains, it's all a little bit Las Vegas.

Despite having come under fire from animal welfare experts for alleged poor animal management, it remains popular with families, with lots of big predators and African herbivores on display. Safaris leave at fixed times throughout the day and night.

There's also the Jaguar Trail (adult/child 100/50B), a 1.2km walk around the lake, passing enclosures with all the usual zoo favourites. The Night Safari is about 12km from central Chiang Mai, just west of Rte 121. Most people come on package tours arranged through hotels and tour agencies, with transport included.

Come late in the afternoon, before the Night Safari, to enjoy the excellent children's playground.

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