Khao Sam Muk

Ko Chang & Eastern Seaboard

Hundreds of rhesus monkeys with greedy eyes and quick hands live on this small hill. Avoid feeding them, as this just makes them more aggressive.

Local folklore says the hill is named after a girl who took her life here after a doomed romance.

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1. Wang Saen Suk


Despite its name, this site contains gruesome Dante-esque statues of sinners being eternally punished. Half-human, half-animal creatures surround two huge…

2. Nezha Sathaizhu Temple

1.82 MILES

This opulent four-storey Chinese temple is fronted by an enormous heaven-earth pole and filled with intricate paintings and magnificent sculptures…

3. Ang Sila Fish Market


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4. Mangrove Forest Conservation Centre

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5. Ko Loi

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6. Wat Ko Loi

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7. Surasak Montri Suan

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8. Sriracha Clock Tower

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The southern clock tower is a good place to get your bearings. Next to it is the main market; this is also a hub for local transport options. Note there…