Pemba Channel Conservation Area


The waters and islets along the entire west coast of Pemba are officially protected as the Pemba Channel Conservation Area (PECCA). The aim is to benefit wildlife, natural resources and local people. All divers and snorkellers pay a small entry fee to access this area, usually included in the amount you pay the hotel or tour company organising your trip.

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Nearby Pemba attractions

1. Flying Fox Colony


Hanging in trees just up from the port is a colony of Pemba flying foxes (a species of large bat usually found in forest areas). Despite their proximity…

2. Ras Mkumbuu Ruins

8.47 MILES

Ras Mkumbuu is the headland at the end of the thin strip of land jutting into the sea northwest of Chake Chake. It's also the name given to the ruins of…

3. Ngezi Forest Reserve

8.88 MILES

In far northeastern Pemba, dense and wonderfully lush Ngezi is one of the last remaining areas of indigenous forest that once covered much of the island,…

4. Vumawimbi Beach

11.98 MILES

Stepping onto Vumawimbi, you may need to rub your eyes to check you haven’t gone to heaven, so idyllic is the view. Stretching along the east side of the…

5. Chwaka Ruins

12.17 MILES

Spread out amid palm trees and cassava fields, Chwaka Ruins consist of two separate sites, the Mazrui Tombs dating back to the 17th century, and the main…

6. Misali Island

12.21 MILES

Surrounded by crystal waters and stunning coral reefs, Misali offers some of the best diving in East Africa, while snorkelling is spectacular and easily…

7. Tumbe Fish Market

12.35 MILES

Down on the beach beyond Tumbe village, the sands are covered in fishing boats and tackle, and lined with a motley collection of huts where fishers gather…

8. Umoja Children’s Park

13.19 MILES

This fairground was established in Pemba’s socialist days, and completely renovated (a gift from China) in recent years. The gleaming big wheels and…