Chwaka Ruins


Spread out amid palm trees and cassava fields, Chwaka Ruins consist of two separate sites, the Mazrui Tombs dating back to the 17th century, and the main Haruni Site – the remnants of a town that existed from the 11th to 15th centuries and grew to perhaps 5000 people. It’s named after Harun, son of Mkame Ndume and, according to local tradition, just as cruel as his father.

To reach the ruins, take the main road that runs along the east coast between Konde and Chake Chake, and about 3km south of Tumbe, turn east onto a dirt road. The Mazrui Tombs are about 1km along here, and it's another 1.5km to Haruni. The ruins alone may appeal only to keen historians, but this is also a lovely spot for a walk through the fields on a patch of high ground with views over the bay.