Gusgarf Waterfall


Close to Dushanbe, this 30m-high, single-drop waterfall is one of the most striking in the Varzob Valley. A walking route (8km, two to three hours) leads west along a side valley from the 21km marker (from Dushanbe) on the M34 and invites a summer picnic.

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1. Varzob Reservoir

1.35 MILES

This small lake in the middle of the Varzob Valley is a half-hour drive (30km) north of Dushanbe. The whole river valley is dotted with chaikhanas and…

2. Botanical Gardens

6.57 MILES

The extensive Botanical Gardens, with its Persepolis-inspired gateway, is home to a fine collection of mature deciduous trees (labelled in Latin) and…

3. Big Wheel

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Though it was not functioning at the time of writing, this big wheel nevertheless makes a useful landmark – not to be confused with the smaller working…

4. Tajik State Pedagogical University

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Established in 1931, this is one of Tajikistan's top higher education institutions. For visitors, its pale blue, neoclassical facade makes a useful…

5. Writers’ Union Building

7.86 MILES

Tajikistan’s Persian past is invoked in the facade of the Writers’ Union Building. Adorned with sculpted-stone figures of Sadruddin Ayni, Omar Khayam,…

6. Palace of the President

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This attractive Soviet-style building with a courtyard of fountains is closed to visitors but makes a useful reference point for navigating in the centre…

7. World's Biggest Teahouse

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This vast festival of modern architecture, based on traditional architectural design and encompassing some exquisite national motifs, is used for the…

8. National Museum

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Tajikistan's national museum is housed in an impressive modern building with an elliptical roof and giant atrium. The collection encompasses three main…