World's Biggest Teahouse


This vast festival of modern architecture, based on traditional architectural design and encompassing some exquisite national motifs, is used for the hosting of foreign dignitaries and delegations. Originally envisaged as the world's largest teahouse, the building can host 3200 guests and is now used more as a conference centre and banqueting hall. Tours of the interior, with its inlaid marble, carved wood work and tiling produced by local craftsmen, are occasionally available – it's best to call in on the off-chance.

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Nearby Dushanbe attractions

1. National Museum

0.55 MILES

Tajikistan's national museum is housed in an impressive modern building with an elliptical roof and giant atrium. The collection encompasses three main…

2. Bayrak

0.66 MILES

Built to commemorate 20 years of independence, the world's second tallest flagpole stands at 165m and is the centrepiece of Dushanbe's central ensemble of…

3. Palace of Nations

0.71 MILES

This grand modern building, dubbed locally as the White House, is the official seat of the president of Tajikistan. Although closed to the public, its…

4. Writers’ Union Building

0.75 MILES

Tajikistan’s Persian past is invoked in the facade of the Writers’ Union Building. Adorned with sculpted-stone figures of Sadruddin Ayni, Omar Khayam,…

5. Rudaki Park

0.82 MILES

Extensive Rudaki Park, with its beautiful canopy of mature trees, offers a series of pathways through flower gardens and alongside lakes and fountains…

6. Rudaki Statue

0.92 MILES

Beneath an impressive arc of blue mosaic stars, the nation's most revered poet, Rudaki, is honoured here at the heart of the central park named after him…

7. Parchan

0.92 MILES

Crowning the fountain-filled thoroughfare outside the National Library, this national monument was built to commemorate Tajikistan's independence. Cast…

8. Palace of the President


This attractive Soviet-style building with a courtyard of fountains is closed to visitors but makes a useful reference point for navigating in the centre…