Puli Wine Museum & Factory

Museum in Puli

The history of the Puli winery is tied with the monopoly system established by the Japanese (and continued by the KMT) on core industries such as alcohol, tobacco and logging. In 1917 the factory began producing sake. Some five decades later, after the KMT came to Taiwan, it switched to Shaoxing wine, a yellow rice wine originating in the Zhejiang region near Shanghai. Good Shaoxing wine is aromatic and has a kick and a rounded savouriness. The jugs and jars it comes in are attractive too.

On the 1st floor of the factory a sample area now lets you try the spirits and a number of Shaoxing-flavoured items, such as popsicles, cakes and sausages. Upstairs the entire history (in English) of the factory and other monopoly industries – and even Chinese spirits in general – is laid out in mesmerising detail.

A taxi from the bus station to the factory will cost less than NT$120.