Eastern Taiwan & Taroko National Park

Signposted down paved switchbacks off the east coast road, Youzihu is a ghost village whose overgrown ruins sit on a cove set behind a dramatic array of stone formations and a rock-pool waterfront lashed by pounding waves. For a bracing walk (low tide only), head north to a large sea-eroded cave.

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1. Little Great Wall

0.37 MILES

One of the most beautiful viewpoints on Green Island is reached by walking a 300m path along a precipitous high promontory called Little Great Wall. This…

2. Guanyin Cave

0.38 MILES

Worth a one-minute stop when driving the lovely east coast route, this little cave-shrine features a stalagmite wrapped with a red cape. The stalagmite is…

3. National Human Rights Museum

0.97 MILES

Green Island's windswept northeast corner was completely out of bounds for much of the 20th century, occupied by a large prison camp. Here, political…

4. Green Island Lighthouse

2.79 MILES

Though you can't reach the top of this 33m-high lighthouse, you can climb its base for appealing views across the airport runway and across the beach and…

5. Xiaoyeliu

21.76 MILES

The seafront rocks within this coastal park are geological curiosities, many forming cuesta structures: angled geological sandwiches with alternating soft…

6. Seashore Park

22.77 MILES

A pleasant place to smell the sea air, this park's signature feature is known immodestly as the Taitung International Landmark (台東國際地標; Táidōng Guójì…

7. Dulan Sugar Factory

22.97 MILES

One of the east coast's most appealing concentrations of craft shops, artists' workshops and quirky cafes is clustered around the former sugar refinery…

8. Water Running Up

23.17 MILES

Is the anti-gravity stream-flow an optical illusion or a hydrological oddity? Decide for yourself while strolling this attractively landscaped park 1km…