You'll need a guide to find Tahiti's best preserved petroglyphs deep on the Te Pari coast and accessible only on foot or by boat.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Tahiti attractions

1. Marae

0.96 MILES

Ancient site accessible only on foot.

2. Anaihe Cave

1.77 MILES

A gem of a cave accessible only by foot or boat, looking out over a wild stretch of reef-free coast.

3. Queen's Cave

2.51 MILES

Waves move in and out of this hidden cave from the coast. It's like a natural (not hot) hot tub.

4. Vaipoiri Cave

3.84 MILES

Popular day trip from Teahupoo. Walk into blackness till your eyes adjust then swim to the back through the icy waters.

6. Teahupoo

7.66 MILES

Teahupoo is world famous among surfing circles for its monster wave. Until the early 2000s, the Teahupoo wave was only known to local surfers. It now…

7. Taravao Lookout

9.14 MILES

View over the bucolic plateaus of Taravao to the blue coastlines and towering Tahiti Nui.

8. Marae Nuutere

10.59 MILES

A signposted turn-off at PK9.5 leads a short distance inland to the rarely visited remains of Marae Nuutere, restored in 1994. There are three paved yards…