Hitiaa Lava Tubes


Three long cave lava tubes that make for a very wet and adventurous hike (guide mandatory).

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1. Marae Anapua

5.77 MILES

Another beautifully restored archaeological site, Marae Anapua is worth a gander.

2. Faarumai Waterfalls

6.46 MILES

Through the village of Tiarei where the road swoops around a black-sand beach, you’ll see a sign on the mountain side of the road for the exceedingly high…

3. Arahoho Blowhole

6.77 MILES

When the swell is big enough, huge sprays of water shoot out from the trou du souffleur (blowhole) in a little park by the road just after the tunnel at…

4. Marae Farehape

6.81 MILES

The restored Marae Farehape site is almost directly below the ridge line on which the Relais de la Maroto inn perches; you can see an archery platform…

5. Jardins Botaniques

9.94 MILES

The 137-hectare Jardins Botaniques has walking paths that wind their way through the garden past ponds, palms, a massive banyan tree and a superb mape…

6. Musée Gauguin

10.42 MILES

This museum has been closed for years but hopefully it will reopen during the life of this book. The airy site surrounded by lush foliage is lovely, and…

8. Papenoo

10.68 MILES

There’s a popular surf break just before the headland that signals the start of the small village of Papenoo. A long bridge crosses the Papenoo River at…