On the airport road, what's even more impressive than this collection of more than 500 French Polynesian shells is the fascinating tour (in English or French) about the behaviour, ecology and history of each species. Count on one hour for the tour then don't forget to peruse the pearl shop – the owner is the only professionally trained jeweller on Huahine.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Huahine attractions

1. Lake Fauna Nui

1.25 MILES

About 2km north of Fare, the main sealed road runs along the inland side of Lake Fauna Nui. It’s also possible to turn off to the airport and take the…

2. Fare

1.38 MILES

A visit to tiny Fare almost feels like stepping back in time, so perfectly does it capture the image of a sleepy South Seas port. There’s not a lot to do,…

3. Matairea Hill Archaeological Sites

2.33 MILES

This walk up Matairea Hill is a high point for anyone interested in archaeology. A signpost on the Fare side of Maeva, about 200m west from the Fare Potee…

4. Fare Potee

2.46 MILES

This little museum with explications about the Maeva Marae is located in a beautifully reconstructed meeting house complete with woven bamboo floors.

5. Maeva


Prior to European influence, Maeva village, about 7km east of Fare, was the seat of royal power on the island. It’s mostly famous for its concentration of…

6. Fish Traps


Beside the bridge coming off Motu Ovarei are a number of V-shaped fish traps, made from rocks. They have been here for centuries and some are still in use…

7. Gallery Umatatea


On an isolated property by the road on Motu Ovarei, you’ll find this art gallery, where the exotic paintings of the highly respected artist Melanie Dupre…

8. Marae Manunu

2.96 MILES

Marae Manunu stands on the motu, across the bridge from the main Maeva complex. The massive structure is 2m high, 40m long and nearly 7m wide. It features…