Kunsthalle Zürich


Upstairs from the Migros Museum, the ‘Art Hall’ features changing exhibitions of contemporary art, spread over two floors.

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1. Migros Museum

0.01 MILES

Housed in the renovated Löwenbräu brewery, this well-funded contemporary art museum focuses on innovative work from the past few decades.

2. Josefwiese

0.24 MILES

An atmospheric Kreis 5 park, in the shadow of a towering smokestack and railway viaduct, this family-friendly place has huge grassy expanses and a…

3. Schiffbau

0.36 MILES

The Schiffbau is symbolic of the renaissance of once-industrial western Zürich. Once a mighty factory churning out lake steamers and, until 1992, turbine…

4. Puls 5

0.41 MILES

This one-time foundry has been converted into a multi-use centre with restaurants, bars and offices.

5. Museum für Gestaltung

0.67 MILES

Consistently impressive and wide-ranging, the revolving exhibitions at this design museum can include anything from works by classic photographers such as…

6. Platzspitz

0.84 MILES

An appealing little park where the Limmat and Sihl Rivers come together, just north of the train station and Landesmuseum. James Joyce was fond of this…

7. Schweizer Finanz Museum

0.86 MILES

If you're intrigued to find out more about what makes Switzerland tick financially, this museum, which opened in Zürich-West in summer 2017, is bang on…

8. Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

0.93 MILES

Inside a purpose-built cross between a mansion and a castle sprawls this eclectic and imaginatively presented museum. The permanent collection offers an…