There's something very special about Vevey that's hard to put your finger on, something only those in the know would understand. Perhaps that's what gives the place its charm; a certain understated swankiness that's a little bit stuck in the 1970s and a little bit chic and cutting edge. It's not as over-the-top as fussy, fancy Montreux and it's just the place for Lausanne's brainy rebels when they graduate from university and decide they'd rather be vignerons (winegrowers) than scientists. It's just that kind of place: a little bit different. In a very good way.

However you look at Vevey, one thing is for sure: its position is perhaps the best on Lake Geneva, looking deep into the crux of the Alps across the shore. Vevey's Old Town is tiny but delightful, with a lakeside central square and promenade, some great museums, secret beaches, one hell of a hotel, and did we mention Nestlé?

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