Schadau Park and castle on the shore of Lake Thun, Switzerland.

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Schadau Park

Bernese Oberland

These beautiful botanical gardens spread along the shores of Lake Thun, with sublime views to the snowcapped Jungfrau range on clear days. The grounds bristle with tulips and crocuses in spring, rhododendrons in summer and golden beech trees in autumn. In the park you'll find the mid-19th-century, candyfloss-pink Schloss Schadau (now a restaurant), 1250-year-old Kirche Scherzlingen, and the early-19th-century Thun Panorama, one of the world’s oldest panoramic paintings.

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1. Thun Panorama

0.07 MILES

Swiss artist Marquard Wocher sketched out this panoramic painting – the world's oldest cyclorama of its kind – between 1809 and 1814, seizing inspiration…

2. Kirche Scherzlingen

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3. Schloss Thun

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4. Thun Altstadt

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5. Schloss Hünegg

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7. Heimat und Rebbaumuseum

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8. Schloss Spiez

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