Römermuseum Avenches

Fribourg, Drei-Seen-Land and The Jura

This small museum evokes the Roman glory days of Avenches, ancient capital of Celtic tribe Helvetii.

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1. Aventicum

0.01 MILES

This collection of Roman ruins – the foundations of former structures, buildings and fortifications just outside Avenches' medieval Old Town – is best…

2. Arènes d'Avenches

0.05 MILES

The 1st-century Roman amphitheatre is as impressive as it is unexpected to find in a small Swiss village. Used throughout the year for occasional outdoor…

3. Museum Murten

4.62 MILES

In a mill outside the city walls, this museum displays artefacts discovered during the dredging of the Broye Canal in 1829 and cannons used in the Battle…

4. Old Town

4.77 MILES

Murten is a cobblestone three-street town crammed with arcaded houses. A string of hotel-restaurants, culminating in a 13th-century castle (closed to…

5. Ringmauer

4.81 MILES

Ascend the wooden Aufstieg auf die Ringmauer (rampart stairs) behind the Deutsche Kirche to reach the covered walkway traversing these sturdy 11th-century…

6. Deutsche Kirche

4.83 MILES

Murten's German Church, dating to 1399, was rebuilt in baroque style in 1710. Don't miss its stucco ceiling and lovely polygonal pulpit, carved from a…

7. Abbatiale de Payerne

6.43 MILES

The five-apse Romanesque Abbatiale de Payerne has been at the heart of religion and culture in the region since the 11th century, and frequently hosts…

8. Clin d'Ailes

6.51 MILES

This small aviation museum has exhibits on the little-known Swiss air force and the planes manufactured in the area.